Friday, August 21, 2009

Dad’s Photos #15

Howdy folks; here are some of Dad’s photos for your enjoyment. I believe these are the last of his Massachusetts’s photos; after these, Dad moved northward. But don’t worry—there are still quite a few photos yet to come from his days in a little shack in very rural Vermont!

Hope you enjoy these.

Reflection on Boyleston St, Boston

Looking East Over the Common

The pond – Public Garden

Boston City Library, Copley Square

Patio in Boston Library

Public Garden

The Huntington Ave Subway, Corner Mass. Ave.

Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. – Building to Follow

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  1. Yest more great photos John. My absolute favourite is the reflection one, you can find things in there to look at for hours and hours.

  2. I think your dad could have made a living as a photographer, John. I miss the perceptive captions with a bit of humour in this bunch.


  3. Hi Alan & Kat:

    Alan: I agree with you on the reflection shot. He had another photo that I think was in the first Dad's Photos post that showed a reflection in an automobile.

    Kat: Yes, he was a very good photographer. These are still his captions, tho I admit this batch is pretty straightforward. I thought the "building to follow" comment was pretty droll.

  4. Building to follow is funny!The reflection shot is great but I love the Boston library patio, the figures, the columns ,dark shadow and lights, lovely angle up high.You have so many pic, John, you could open a museum !

  5. Hi TFE:

    Yeah, I like building to follow, too. That patio pic is pretty darn, good, I'll agree with you on that.

  6. I missed that "Building to Follow" (or misinterpreted it). You're right; it is very droll.



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