Sunday, January 4, 2009

Dad’s Photos #1

This is a new series on Robert Frost’s Banjo. My father, who passed away at age 91 in 2005, was an amateur photographer with a good eye, & somewhere along the line I inherited an album he put together in 1939. The pictures in the album were taken in the Boston area, on Cape Cod, & around a cabin where he lived in Athens, VT—for you non-Vermonters out there, that’s pronounced with a long “A” in idiosyncratic Yankee fashion.

So I’ve been scanning photos from this album & will be posting several of them at a time more-or-less monthly. I won’t be posting them all—as with any amateur photographer, even a talented one, the quality varies—but will try to select those that have interest to folks outside of my family. I believe these photos will have a general appeal as windows into another time—a time that fascinates me & will perhaps interest other readers. He provided captions for most of the photos, which I've added, with any explanation that might be helpful (tho I’ll try to keep the latter to a minimum). The photo leading off the post was captioned simply "Northampton Sub."

Hope you enjoy:

526 Mass. Ave. - Winter 39

"Even a shine" (I believe the man getting a shoeshine was my father's friend Johnnie Vawtea)

"Park on Mass. Ave. - Bum's Heaven" (I believe the term "bum" is positive here)

"South End Residential Section"

"He Grinds Away All Day" (the man has a grinding wheel in his cart- he was sharpening a knife for my father, who worked as a cook at this time)

"The Greshan Hotel, Chandler & Berkeley"


  1. I love looking through the photographic window into another time. Your dad was a good photographer. I look forward to seeing more of these.

  2. Thanks for the comment, Michelle. I also think he was a good photographer & will be posting some more scans somewhere around the weekend of the 24-25th of January, as that would have been his birthday. He was born early in 1914 & passed away late in 05; he saw a lot of changes over that time.

  3. I love all of them, but the last one is incredible! What a work of art...seeing the city reflected on the car is brilliant.

  4. Hi Dragonfly Dreamer:

    That one is also a particular favorite of mine. Thanks!


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