Friday, November 21, 2008

Musical Questions Update!

I’m very happy to announce that our good friend Sister Rebecca Mary of Marymount Hermitage will be featured in the Musical Questions series this Sunday. Sister Rebecca Mary is a fantastic musician & composer, & she has a unique take on the interview questions. I think y’all will enjoy reading her thoughts. If you’d like to hear her play ahead of time, you can hear samples from her cd Hosanna to the Son of David here. To quote from the Marymount page: “This CD features 21 original musical compositions for Scriptural texts sung in Hebrew, Aramaic and English with guitar or dulcimer accompaniment.”

It’s also been very gratifying to me that a number of other musicians have agreed to participate in the series. We have quite a few interviews floating around out there in cyberspace, & now are just waiting for more to come home to roost.

Be sure to check out Sister Rebecca Mary’s interview, which will be posted Sunday morning.

Pic of Sister Rebecca Mary is by Sister Mary Beverly of Marymount Hermitage

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