Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Things Seen on the Weiser River Trail in Glendale, October 19th

Eberle & I took a walk on the Weiser River trail in the Fruitvale-Glendale area on Sunday afternoon—from Starky’s hot springs north, well past mile marker 70. As those who live around here know, Sunday was a truly gorgeous autumn day. These are some of the things we saw along the way.

  • The old rail bridge leading north up the Weiser River Trail, with the bridge on the Fruitvale-Glendale road bearing off to the left a short distance away at an acute angle
  • The Weiser River
  • Birches in brilliant yellow autumn foliage amongst the pines
  • Ferns
  • Lichen, both in the trail & encrusting the pines
  • Mossy rocks
  • 2 Stellar’s Jays
  • 1 Magpie
  • 2 Flickers
  • 1 Robin, which later re-appeared in a dream I dreamt Sunday night
  • A large rusted washer (the kind used to fasten bolts, not the kind used to launder clothes)
  • Chokecherries (with leaves turning orange red), growing on both sides of the trail but especially the west
  • Chokecherry pits
  • Cowpies
  • Hay
  • PIN line mile marker 70 fashioned from railroad spikes
  • Yellow leaves floating in the current of the Weiser River, with the yellow birch leaves above the river reflected in the water
  • Rusted metal panels from an abandoned automobile
  • Metal fence posts draped with broken barbed wire
  • A split rail fence in which some of the rails had fallen askew
  • Fresh reddish brown pine cones strewn along the trail
  • Old grayish white pine cones strewn along the trail
  • A shrub with red leaves that had caught a number of falling pine needles; these hung on the shrub's limbs like tinsel on a Xmas tree
  • A tall dead pine that had been completely girdled
  • A grayish dead tree fallen into the Weiser River
  • Three cars driving on the Fruitvale-Glendale Road, above us & off to the west
  • A large log house with a green tin roof off to the northwest
  • An elderberry tree, with its purplish berries
  • Pine needles scattered across the trail
  • One section of trail about 10 feet across thickly strewn with yellow birch leaves
  • A man & a woman bicycling, first headed south & then later headed north
  • Various boulders along the edge of the trail
  • A section of trail rutted by heavy equipment, which apparently had been used to clean up a mud & rockslide
  • Bicycle tracks
  • Horse hoofprints
  • Cow hoofprints
  • Dog pawprints
  • Footprints
  • Red outbuildings at Starkey’s hot springs (a private hot springs)
  • The gray stone greenhouse at Starkey’s hot springs
  • A sign saying “¼”
  • A sign saying “X”
  • The green gates at both the south & north trail heads of the Weiser River trail coming off the Fruitvale-Glendale Road
  • Each other

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