Friday, August 4, 2017

Walking Maranasati Double Octet


I’d like to forgive my lungs’ malfunction, ask
my lungs’ forgiveness too; cigarette smoke sky

billowing congestion all the way up to
the afterlife, its sequestered, collapsed stars:

coffee shop windows lined with brown paper, crow
gliding above the roof is the logical

outcome, a black breath emerging to after-
noon; one maple branch hangs broken, leaves expired—

I-5 traffic circulates under my feet—
the overpass quakes through its spine & rib cage—

three salsify stalks quake too on sunburnt grass;
is it traffic is it the north wind the crow

intersects gliding east into the past, in-
to overcast static in mutable flow,

this body walking west where the two trains pass,
my breath in sequence with the walk sign’s countdown

Jack Hayes
© 2017

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