Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Sunflower Sky Octet

Sunflower Sky Octet
                        for Sandy

it’s August & the garden sunflower grows
heavy above the rosemary & the lawn’s

chaotic Queen Anne’s lace; it might even droop
away from unclouded sky—nothing to see

there except the sun & you can’t look at that
long—but see what it inscribes casting shadows:

this that weary glad hungry loving thee me
look at the zenith! the pale yellow petals!

Jack Hayes
© 2017

Checking in on the poetry front with the title poem from the most recent collection, which will when finished in early October complete the trilogy started last autumn with Crow on the Wire. The second book, The High Lonesome Sound, should be available within the next couple of weeks. Thanks as always for your interest in my poetry.

Photo © 2017 by  Sandy Pullella. All rights reserved on poem & photograph.

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