Thursday, January 26, 2017

Two Octets

mississippi ave octet

scattered wishes dangle from hornbeam branches,
violet, yellow, scarlet tags in this rain—

rack of dresses on wheels under the boutique’s
awning responds in kind; notice how toy store

fairy lights sparkle with keener points through gray
wet air, the bar’s single picnic table washed

glassy; in planters outside a shop, jasmine
climbs toward the lintel, green leaves glistening


failing st pedestrian bridge octet

lilacs with tawny winter buds sprout along
concrete steps that just now stream melting ice &

rain splash—within the bridge’s curved chain link, one
padlock, clasped, rusted, rests against a rail, no

names marked on it—below, I-5 traffic’s hiss;
above, unilluminated light towers—

on the west side, a flock of robins shifts from
red oaks with decrepit leaves to shaggy pines 

Jack Hayes
© 2017

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