Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Two Inventory Poems

monday inventory octet

blooming cherry bonsai on a calendar;
poem with its sentiment edited out—

a dilapidated spiral-bound fake book,
pages loose; scribbled numbers on maize Post-It—

selected Du Fu with photo of a junk
sailing Qutang Gorge in grayscale; black-palmed

gloves on an armchair, guitar back in its case:
they say the night is coming with freezing rain


tuesday inventory octet

a medicine cabinet perhaps, slate
gray, wood left unsanded on purpose, it stands

on the cedar table; inside: the seated
Budai, a kaleidoscope, brown glass bottle

unearthed on an Idaho road, a chestnut,
one maneki-neko, a boxwood turtle

willed to you, postcard quoting Midsummer Night’s
Dream sent years ago from a girl I danced with

Jack Hayes
© 2017

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