Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Two More December Octets

saturday inventory octet #1

second cup of coffee, the microwave’s hum;
on the counter, a full bag of mandarins—

small jar of Tiger Balm, camphor & menthol
rubbed on a balky back; a cough that won’t shake

despite weeks of slippery elm tea; pale sun
east behind unsettled clouds, double strikethrough

of power lines—white hoodie, black jacket tossed
across an arm chair, waiting for what comes next


multnomah st octet #2

from Holladay Park’s high maples, crows’ rhythmic
conversation accents a MAX train’s eastbound

clatter—a walk through air permeated with
chilled infinitesimal water, breathing out

through pursed lips—sun’s semi-circular halo
burned on nimbus overcast; on the pavement

crabapples gone black: deep in a puddle one
hornbeam emerges under a floating leaf

Jack Hayes
© 2016


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