Thursday, December 29, 2016

Two Octets

russell st octet

paper lanterns, red, blue, yellow orbs hang from
awnings; sushi place closed in late morning light—

this olive's silver leaves: lonesome for songbirds;
or maybe that's just me—twin dogwoods thrust forth

buds like minute tongues of fire; arrayed bamboo
glows & courtyard puddles flash blinding as sun

breaks through gray cumulus—a black & white sign
streaked with two red neon lines proclaims: wonder

◦    ◦    ◦

friday inventory octet #1

walkway’s rain-slicked dark glass beyond the window;
syngonium in a red pot catching what

light there is—black music stand holding nothing
but a pen; floor lamp under an olive shade

extinguished regardless; the clock’s ticking blooms,
perceived, then overlooked; pine coffee table’s

poetry books & framed wedding photograph:
desire & kindness taking turns through morning

Jack Hayes
© 2016

11/30/16 & 12/2/16

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