Sunday, December 4, 2016

Le Fils des étoiles

Today we begin our series of December Sunday music, which will feature Satie’s piano works. The initial piece actually was written as incidental music for a play of the same name by Joséphin Péladan. The music, which apparently was scored for flutes & harps, was composed in 1891 & premiered in 1892. No manuscript of the original score exists however, so it’s impossible to say how the scoring was arranged.

In 1896, Satie published a piano reduction of the score, which is what we’re hearing in the video, as played by an accomplished amateur pianist, Dider da Silva []

For more information on Le Fils des étoiles, please see the Wikipedia entry.

Image connects to its source on Wiki Commons:
Original edition of Satie's Preludes from
Le fils des étoiles (1896). This was Maurice Ravel's personal copy, which he later gave to Alexis Roland-Manuel
Public domain

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