Tuesday, April 10, 2012

“Parting Ways”

[In which our marvelously savvy Rockstar Poet-in-Residence Barbie Angell reminds us: we are known by the company we keep!]

Parting Ways

Uncertainty and I went for a walk
not sure where we were going
or the essence of our thoughts.
We had always seemed quite close
and it seemed it wouldn’t change.
See, neither of us fathomed
how to go our separate ways.
And we walked without direction,
we didn’t care where we were at.
Up hills and through the woods,
sometimes we circled our own path.
Content without intention,
whether walking fast or slow,
then I found myself with Certainty,
who knew exactly where to go.
I was confused by all this change.
I’d never met this man before.
I introduced myself to Certainty
and asked him what would be in store.
He said the folks he walked with
were Strength and Hope and Pride,
and as long as I would let him,
I’d have Conviction as my guide.
I see my destination now
and it’s extremely clear.
And sometimes I see Uncertainty
wander past with Loss and Fear.
Though we don’t speak much anymore,
common interests now are strained,
whenever I see him with someone new,
I try to help them find their way.

Barbie Angell
© 2009-present


  1. Very nice poem & the drawing is wonderful.

  2. cheryl, thank you so very much. :) i really appreciate that.

  3. We had always seemed quite close
    and it seemed it wouldn’t change.

    Does it ever change? I wonder... It feels like I've got Uncertainty at my elbow even when I'm heading down what seems to be a clear path. In fact when Certainty shows up in your poem and knows exactly where to go, I didn't trust him at first, just like I have a wariness towards people who seem to have All the Answers or people who tell you that they know what's best for you. So it's interesting, the mixed up feelings your poem stirred up in me. Maybe Uncertainty is at one elbow, Certainty is at the other, and they sort of try to find a way to balance each other out in me. Maybe Strength and Hope can be possible companions to Uncertainty, if you learn to live well with it, riding out the unsteadiness.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing this thought-provoking poem :)

    1. Hi HKatz: Thanks for your thoughtful comment. For myself, I find that Uncertainty is never far away, but the times I can walk with Certainty are the happiest times. I'll be curious to read what Barbie says!

      Thanks again!

    2. hkatz, i adore you a little more every time you comment. i hadn't thought of that. i had always concentrated on the fact that certainty showed up by surprise, when i was least expecting him. i was a little wary of him & he had to explain who he was & such, but i probably should have required a bit more convincing. i think you may be right that they are both there all the time....like the angel and devil from old cartoons, hanging out on your shoulders. i think it's easier to find certainty if you have strength and pride, but i don't think that makes him automatically appear.

      thanks for commenting....you've given me a lot to think about. :)

      thank you john. i think we're always switching off between the two of them unfortunately. here's hoping that your times with certainty are much longer journeys. :)


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