Sunday, January 15, 2012

Photo of the Week 1/15/12

The Marquam Bridge (Interstate 5) Crossing the Willamette River
Taken from the Observation Deck at OHSU
Friday 1/13/12


  1. Nice shot! You seem to have a lot of high places to get good shots from.

  2. That is quite a vista! I like the way roads interweave; it reminds me of black mamba snakes.

  3. Hi Roy & Kat

    Roy: Thanks. I go to Oregon Health & Science every week for a medical appointment; OHSU is on a high hill ("Pill Hill") & so I take the high shots from there. Still getting used to taking urban, as opposed to rural pix--sometimes I think I rely too much on these big vistas!

    Kat: So glad you like it--it is rather serpentine, isn't it!

  4. Everything looks so expansive, and I like how the trees and buildings are mingling in the background. Great shot.

  5. Hi HKatz: Thanks! As you head toward the eastern suburbs there are much more wooded areas, which is what you're seeing there. So glad you liked it!


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