Friday, December 31, 2010

Virtual Reading #1

Happy Friday to you all!  Today is the day we bid 2010 a fond(?) farewell.  As my own personal ave atque vale to this year, I’m offering a virtual reading of two poems from my collection The Spring Ghazals.

Both of these poems found their titles in the works of others—“don’t think twice” obviously coming from the old Bob Dylan tune & “what can we talk about that will take all night?” coming from a powerful Kenneth Patchen poem titled “Do the Dead Know What Time It Is?”  Patchen is a personal favorite. The poem “don’t think twice” falls in the middle third of the ghazal sequence, while “what can we talk about that will take all night” falls in the final third.

As a reminder: you can purchase The Spring Ghazals at the following online outlets (links go directly to the book):

Barnes & Noble (new—& a bargain at $11.04 US!)
Amazon UK (£7.94)

Both Amazon & Lulu have the book for $12 US. 

Hope you enjoy the poems!

Pic shows roses on the pergola at Swannanoa, Virginia-detail from a larger photo


  1. Happy new year! May the banjo keep plucking out a good tune...

  2. Hi Jhon: Thanks! Best wishes for the New Year to you as well.

  3. Hi John.Best Wishes For 2011.Regards From tony.

  4. Warm and woolly wishes for 2011 to you and yours, John! xx

  5. Hi Tony & Tess: Thanks, & the best wishes to both of you for 2011!


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