Friday, November 19, 2010

Homegrown Radio 11/19/10

Happy Friday!  It’s time for some Homegrown Radio with Bernie Jungle—so let’s see what Bernie has to say about this week’s song, “Penny:”

this was recorded on a home computer by Scott Greiner a few years ago
and features Kathleen Gacek on vocals, recorded on my laptop live
that is, after trying it with overdubs we had to just sing together into the same mic at the same time

but then quite a few overdubbed vocals at the end just for fun

hope you enjoy

I know you will enjoy it!  & a quick reminder: you can purchase Bernie Jungle’s solo cd on CDBaby right here.


  1. Another really enjoyable track, thanks.

  2. Hi Alan & Caroline

    Alan: Agreed! Bernie has a special talent.

    Caroline: Thanks! I also enjoy your "Earth Adventures" & your Twitter feed. Anyone who goes on a cross-country music tour with her mom is definitely ok by me! Thanks for stopping by. Say: would you have any interest in being on Homegrown Radio? I'd like that!

  3. Who's not a fan of simultaneous microphone singing? Another good one!

  4. Hi Caroline H: Exactly! Thanks for stopping by.


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