Tuesday, November 30, 2010


[L.E. Leone's latest is a new spin on electricity]

Electricity Explained

The current needs the cord. Nothing works
or is broken until you plug it in.
Then you know.

Lights, heat...

Perfume smells prettier on pigs, like violinists
in a cornfield. We’re only human.
We work, we’re broke, our ballads


like balled-up twang. It’s what
cats love about us, why we love Vivaldi,
Bondage and fishnets are sexy. High


wires, underground cables, roads, we’re all
of us all tied up. Together. Tugged and taut,
teeth chattering, we vibrate, dream

a sack of rattlesnakes...

wonder why
we wake up
craving popcorn.

L.E. Leone

© 2010


  1. Oh, this is a great piece! Popcorn, indeed!

  2. Hi Tess & Ian: Glad you both liked LE's poem!

  3. We work, we’re broke, our ballads


    I read the poem through a second time just to get the feel of certain lines popping out at me again. Thanks for posting this.


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