Sunday, March 21, 2010

Steel City

Happy Sunday, one & all! I've been offline the past couple of days - time beginning to coagulate in singular configurations speaking more to times of day & sunlight or night sky - waning crescent above the Heinz ketchup sign - a sunset blur over the Alleghany Mountain tunnel on the Pennsylvania Turnpike - two wrong turns at Newark on a perfect March morning one day prior to the equinox - a Kali finger puppet in a crystal shop next to the diner filled with Pittsburgh Penguins hockey jerseys - a delightful old Connecticut farmhouse in an evening that could almost sprout tree frogs & in a morning fluttering with cardinals - still showing drab wings from winter - a delightful Thursday breakfast in historic Concord with blog friend Raquel of Out of the Past & Thoughtful Eating - a delightful lunch in Chicopee at a German restaurant with Jacqueline of Another Old Movie Blog, New England Travels & Tragedy & Comedy in New England - talk of Nell Shipman & children's books & the Civilian Conservation Corps - parenthetically, both very intelligent & engaging women, as one would assume from their excellent blogs - which you should most certainly check out! -

The trip is slowly winding back to the west - it still moves between past & present & future - myself & friends making sense of life in all the days we've been apart - constructing stories because that's what we do - today's stories re-creating yesterday & potentially re-creating tomorrow - which at one time was different & may be again -

Tomorrow: on to Cleveland & a return to Columbus before heading back into the Wild West - a blur - thinking about Plato & Nietzsche & poetry on the Pennsylvania Turnpike turning into gleaming claustrophobic tunnels....does the future narrow to a point at the end no matter the story - no matter how the song ends does the melody linger on....
Please drop by The Days of Wine & Roses & Alcools, both of which are running on schedule thru the road trip!


  1. I have loved these mini-travelogues with the glorious fragmentary images that often find their way into RFB. Now that you're headed west again, these really make me miss you...the crocuses are blooming here at home, the first leaves of the sorrel are up (and eaten), and there are buds on the willow you planted...the Swan Boat awaits you.

  2. Great to read of your journeying. The tunnel reminded me of one of my favourite overused sayings: "What you think the light at the end of the tunnel is often an oncoming train".

  3. Hi Eberle & Bill

    Eberle: Thanks, sweet pea! I'm looking forward to the Swan Boat!

    Bill: That's a good one!

  4. Sounds like you've had a wonderful trip, John, and your images make me think you're building another poem (or several)!

  5. It's been fun following your travels on other blogs. Enjoy the rest of your trip, and if you ever make it back to SF, be sure to look me up!

  6. It was so great meeting you John! Good luck with the rest of your journey.

  7. Hi Karen, Ladrón & Raquelle

    Karen: Let's hope for several! Thanks.

    Ladrón: My wife & I try to get to the Bay Area more or less every year so we'll certainly look you up!

    Raquelle: My pleasure! & thanks.


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