Monday, March 29, 2010

“The Go Lamb Rag”

Happy Monday, folks! Yours truly is still moving pretty slow here following the big road trip—but I was able to put together this month’s selection in the Alice in Wonder Band Songs series. Appropriately enough for March, the song is “The Go Lamb Rag,” written by Eberle & recorded at the Alpine Playhouse in September 2002; the line-up for the song was: Eberle Umbach: piano; Lois Fry: violin; Art Troutner: oboe; Barb Dixon: drums; & yours truly: ukulele. The crowd got into this one, & hope you will too!

By the way, in case you don’t know: the final image in the slideshow is of Sarah Josepha Hale, who wrote “Mary Had a Little Lamb.”

In other news: Audrey has a new post up on Ms. Blog; check it out here!

Finally: please consider checking out my Apollinaire translation blog Alcools—there’s a translation (by yours truly) from Apollinaire’s 1913 book, Alcools each Monday!


  1. Lovely music - and I enjoyed the slide show as well.

  2. Hi Alan: Glad you liked it! I believe I've done more interesting slideshows, but my mind is still a bit foggy from all that driving.

  3. Wonderful. Thanks for pointing out Ms. Hale! I wouldn't have known.

  4. i have lambs on the brain lately!! was singing mary had a little lamb to ms t on saturday when we visited the baby animals at the farmpark. perhaps my affinity for lambs is because my first name is mary....hmm, something to think about.

    even after your comment on the snap, i still am having problems putting photos up, maybe blogger is fixing the problem in a stepwise fashion.

    you deserve to have a foggy head....jeepers you logged a lot of miles and had many, many adventures!

    you will be back when you're back and not a second sooner!

  5. Hi Willow & Mouse

    Willow: Before I did the work of illustarting Eberle & Audrey's "Women's Art" posts, I wouldn't have had any idea what Sarah Josepha Hale looked like! Glad you enjoyed it.

    Mouse: I'm getting there--had one student this afternoon, but Eberle & I co-taught, plus the student is a friend & easy to work with. You're right about being back in its own time!


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