Sunday, August 16, 2009

“The Red Piano Stomp”

One year ago today I posted two stories on Robert Frost’s Banjo, & that was the blog’s start. It’s been an enjoyable & eventful year, taken all in all—I was in rather a lot of emotional turmoil a year ago, as was certainly reflected in blog posts during those first few months especially. These days, that turmoil has quieted a good deal.

As befits the occasion, I’m posting a very upbeat & fun piece of music—one of Eberle’s compositions from our score for Nell Shipman’s 1923 film, The Grub Stake. Eberle’s playing a toy piano on this one—a little red Schoenhut piano that some kind soul literally left on our doorstep one winter morning several years ago. Eberle used the toy piano in both our Shipman scores. On this song, I’m playing the plectrum banjo—had to get some banjo in there on the blog anniversary!

In case anyone’s curious, you can read those first two posts from last August here & here.

& thanks everyone for all your support—without doubt, the communication that builds up around a blog is its most satisfying aspect, & I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you folks!



  1. NOW Talk about a light-hearted JOY - this certainly qualifies and takes the prize!
    A skipping, smiling, Sunday treat!! Such a pleasure for a blogger to meet!

    APOGEE Poet thanks you.

  2. Hi Rose Marie:

    & thanks for your comment in couplet!

  3. Whoa! I nearly missed this post. I wished you a happy blogiversary at your next post, but more good wishes never hurt anybody, so here's another bouquet.

  4. Hi Sandra: That's what comes of making two posts in a day. Thanks for the bouquet!

  5. Congratulations, John, on your blog birthday -- here's to many more to come!




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