Tuesday, August 18, 2009

“Avalon Blues”

Hey, let’s take a trip to Avalon, MS today—home of the great Mississippi John Hurt, & the town he was writing about in his song “Avalon Blues.” It’s my weekly shot on Citizen K’s Just a Song, a great blog with lots of fine contributors & lots of musical material for you music loving types. Please check out Just a Song. My “Avalon Blues” post is here.

More music on Robert Frost’s Banjo tomorrow as we go Down on the Farm once again for everything from a communist hen to a mule in an alley!


  1. I LOVE translation day. Oh Georgia! Wow. I've never been obsessed like that about anyone, not even my dog. Thank God!

    And today, ok if you insist I'll head down to Mississippi. I bet it's even hotter there than here! Time to drink lemonade or sweet tea, and listen to the blues, doze off maybe. Yes!

  2. Hi Reya:

    I guess I've been there--ah well, youth as a poet! Hope you enjoy yourself in Avalon, MS--yes, sweet tea should be just the thing!

  3. Followed your link and found Just A Song. You are right, it is an excellent blog. I've become a follower.

  4. Hi Alan:

    Thanks! Hope you continue to enjoy it.


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