Sunday, August 30, 2009

Mean Old Bedbug Blues

My little spate of webcam fun was curtailed as I got more immersed in “real” recording, but it didn’t end before I recorded one more video for your viewing pleasure. This one is me & resonator guitar taking on the “Mean Old Bedbug Blues,” a song I’ve loved for quite some time from versions by Bessie Smith (hers is sort of the “standard” version), Dave Van Ronk & Ramblin’ Jack Elliott. Apparently the great bluesman Furry Lewis also covered this, but I’m not familiar with his rendition.

As far as the bigger recording project goes, I ended up with 12 tracks—I know I said at one point I was “satisfied” with 13, but I actually dropped two & added one since then. Now I’m in the mixing phase of the project—had hoped to get them completed & on cds by the final Farmer’s Market, which took place yesterday, but no such luck. Eberle & I are performing as a benefit for the Alpine Playhouse in McCall in mid September, & they’ll certainly be completed by then!

Tomorrow probably will be a day off here at Robert Frost's Banjo as I collect my thoughts for next month's posts. But for now, thanks for all the support of these “performance” videos! Hope you enjoy this one.


  1. Bedbugz is evil, ain't they though? :)

    Nice music for a rainy Sunday morn here in NH

    Have a great day...

    Hope the sun is out where you are.

    Peace - Rene

  2. Hi Rene:

    It's not out quite yet, but will be soon; I hear New England has had an extraordinarily rainy summer.

    Glad you liked the song!

  3. Thank you for continuing my blues education!

  4. Nice work ,John and that is a beautiful looking guitar! Cool to hear a (virtually) live performance!

  5. Thanks for another good one, John. :-)

  6. Hi TFE & Linda:

    Glad you liked it!

  7. That's some mighty fine playin' an singin' John! :D

  8. Now fully exorcized of discontent, I can begin my week. Thanks, John.

  9. Hi Jacqueline:

    Wow, glad to be able to help with the discontent demons!


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