Sunday, May 3, 2009

Dad's Photos #8

Here's another installment in the Dad's Photos series (& for fans of the series, don't worry, there are quite a few more to come). These photos really illustrate my father's great love of ships, something he kept thru his whole life. I remember how happy he was to tour about the historic ships at the National Maritime Museum in San Francisco back in the 90s. As usual, the italicized captions are my father's; links to earlier installments can be found in the left frame about halfway down the page.

Hope you enjoy these.
I was lonely too

I want a ride

After sundown - Sandwich, Mass

Down the Canal goes Navy

Down the Canal goes a Tramp

Old Four Master [Note: the imperfection on the image is from the original photo - I decided against trying to edit this out]

Leaving Boston (where to?)


  1. I like your dad's comments as much as I do the photo - how evocative that first comment "I was lonely too" is.

    As for the imperfection on the Old Four Master picture - you may expect a visit from the UFO crowd. ;>)

    Word verification: undebus. Hmmm.

  2. Yep. I'm a fan of your dad's album! Loved these.

  3. Hi Sandra:

    Yes, I particularly like the "I was lonely too" pic/comment. Yes, my dad's four master pic could end up on some UFO site--yikes!

    Eberle & I played music this a.m. at a mass, much of which was chanted in Latin, so "undebus" sort of sounds like it came from that.

    Hi Willow:

    So glad you enjoyed them!

  4. These are always enjoyabel - so evocative of an earlier time. I think the first one is so telling. You're so lucky that there were notes to go with these amazing photos.


  5. Hi Kat:

    Yes, the captions do make them special-- glad you like them!

  6. Enjoyed looking at these. Got me thinking - I might dig out some of my dad's old photos and post them too.

    UFO? Surely not. It's obviously a cannon ball taken with a very fast shutter speed.

  7. Hi Dominic:

    I for one would like to see your dad's photos, & based on the reaction to these, it seems other folks like them too.

    Clearly a cannonball. It's a four-master after all.

  8. There's nothing nicer than gazing out over water. I love that first pic especially. Wow!

  9. Hi Reya:

    I completely agree with you on both points!

  10. my father was a sailor in the U.S. Navy. I don't think he ever got rid of his sea legs. He always longed to go back.

  11. Hi Jen:

    That's interesting. My mother claims he had mixed feelings about the ocean because of his wartime experience. I defer to her (& I do know that WWII left some significant emotional scars), but he sure always loved boats, including sea-going ships.


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