Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Dani!

Or almost birthday, because I have to confess I can’t remember if it was yesterday or today or tomorrow. But it’s the season, anyhow.

I know there was a big party for her yesterday chez Earl Butter right in the heart of Baghdad by the Bay, & Dani, whatever you’re up to today, all the best from us up here in the Idaho wilds.

Most of you who don’t have the good fotune to know Dani, who’s pretty much my best pal, but you can find out about her musical career thru her Musical Questions interview, & you can read about her fantastic & still pretty new book, Big Bend right here. Last, but most definitely not least: her latest Sister Exister cd Scratch is available here at CDBaby!

The video clip is a piece Eberle (primarily) & I (secondarily) composed for our Moominpappa at Sea soundtrack. Eberle’s playing a steel drum which Dani co-made with a gent from the wilds of Sonoma—or maybe even further into the depths of NorCal. I’m just playing a plain old electric gee-tar.

Enjoy the music y’all, & peace & love to Sister Exister!


  1. Baghdad? Long way from home, your buddy. Happy Birthday to Dani!

    (John, your secret word is ostsog. Sounds like a kind of must, maybe, affecting hops crops.)

  2. Hi Sandra:

    Baghdad by the Bay-- Herb Caen's nickname for San Francisco (at least I think it was HC)-- so Dani's very close to her home in Oakland, & not in Iraq's Baghdad! Good call on "ostsog"-- or some sort of Viking drinking ritual.

    Thanks for leaving Dani best wishes-- she does read the blog pretty regularly!

  3. Happiest of Birthdays, Dani!! :D

  4. It was Herb Caen. When we lived in the Bay Area, I would think of that every time I gazed at The City from that small park on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge.

  5. Hi Willow & K.:

    Willow: Thanks!

    K.: What a great view!

  6. How endearing to have and keep such a one as your Dani. Long ago we put less value on friendship because we had such easy access to people. Now in this virtual, electronic age, a friend seems more precious, more needed, more comforting - and someone to comfort. I think it's because we've distanced ourselves from intimacies long thought to be taboo. Saying "I love you" to a friend is just fiiine.


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