Sunday, April 19, 2009

Dad’s Photos #8

Yours truly is a tad under the weather today with a cold—actually have been for the past few. Fortunately, on a day when my mind is rather sodden, I have the happy expedient of posting some of my father’s photos—more from 1938. As always, the italicized captions are taken from his album.

The last four photos are of my father, & obviously taken by someone else. "Ma Brightman's" was the rooming house where he lived while he worked in Bourne, MA.

For myself, it’s plenty of rest & tea & soup in hopes of g
etting back on my feet in time for this week’s gigs.


Buzzards Bay, Mass - Taken from the Bourne Bridge across the Cape Cod canal

My first view of Buzzards Bay - taken from train

Underpinning Bourne Bridge

In a Spin (me)

Onset Roller Rink

At Ma Brightman's

What a kick that was (beside the canal)


  1. You must treasure those actual shots of your father. Thinking of the family photo you posted a while back, your dad didn't change too much as he aged - like mine.

    His captions are always great! I like that line "What a kick..."


    Hope you're feeling better soon.

  2. Thanks Kat:

    Yes, this album is certainly a treasured possession, both for the shots of my father & for the ones he took-- which show something of how he saw the world. He did remain youthful in appearance well into his later years.

    & yes, he could turn a phrase!

  3. As I'm always saying, these entries are so enjoyable. Thanks for these! I love the pictures of your father on roller skates!

  4. I don't think your mind is ever soggy or ... what's the word you used? Sodden?

    But I love the pics of your dad and his life.

    Take good care and get well soon!

  5. So nice to be able to see the photos of your dad & his life in MA. Hope you get to feeling better very soon & can get on to the "gigs" this week.
    Thanks for sharing your history with us.

  6. Thank You John.More Fine Photos.
    I Hope Your Cold Heals Soon.Have A Good Week Ahead.

  7. Thanks everyone for the well-wishes!

    Raquelle: He was a good skater, both on ice skates & roller skates.

    Reya: If not sodden, then woozy at least! & kind of soggy, too.

    Lizzy: Glad you enjoyed them, & sorry to learn about the trouble you've been thru-- a lot more than a head cold, that.

    Tony: Thanks, as always. There are lots more out there (pix, that is).

  8. John - I found the picture captioned Underpinning Bourne Bridge very disturbing until I realized that the bridge support wasn't really broken - I was just seeing the left side of it in shadow. At least I think that's what I'm seeing! I was ready to send out the Army Corps of Engineers.

    Do get well soon.

  9. Thanks Sandra:

    I hadn't noticed that. It's true that I'm pretty wobbly, & am probably in for a few days of that-- thanks for the good wishes.


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