Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Blues for Lunch, etc.

Howdy folks—just some random musings after playing a set of old-time tunes at the Council Senior Citizens Center—a tough crowd in some ways, because there’s lots of background noise during the lunch hour—but a fun outing nonetheless. Eberle was with me as trusty sound person, & she also thought the set was a hit, so my season on the senior center circuit has been kicked off successfully; next week, the Cambridge Senior Center & a local assisted living center.

For the curious, here’s the set list:

Little Red Rooster
Candy Man
All that Meat & No Potatoes
Rufus, Rastus Johnson Brown/C-H-I-C-K-E-N
Waiting for a Train
See See Rider
Green, Green Rocky Road
Jesus Met the Woman at the Well
Boll Weevil Blues
Betty & Dupree
Freight Train Blues
My Creole Belle

The lunch was pork & rice. Both Eberle & I forgot to get the camera out during the set, so instead of seeing my flying fingers you're seeing me on our front porch afterward. However, for those like Kat (of the wonderful Poetikat's Invisible Keepsakes) who wanted to see Buffy the Buffalo, there she is, right atop the ol' resonator. Needless to say (if you’ve read my Musical Questions post) I can’t be without her!

Also, there seems to have been a glitch with this morning’s post—it never appeared in Google Reader or in other spots it should have shown up. I believe I know why this happened, but I’ll spare you the technical details. Anyhoo, it’s the April installment in Eberle’s Weiser River Pillow Book series, so be sure to check it out right here.

Finally, Eberle had a post some time back that discussed Sojourner Truth, among some other 19th century U.S. writers. This seemed to spark a nice amount of interest, so I wanted to mention that Jacqueline T. Lynch (also of Another Old Movie Blog & Tragedy & Comedy in New England) has an excellent post about Sojourner Truth on her New England Travels blog. All of Ms Lynch's blogs are literate, insightful & just plain fun to read, & I recommend them very highly.

Hope y'all are having a nice day.


  1. I opened up the photo to get a good look at Buffy the Buffalo. He's rather like my long-horned highland "coo", Hennessy. Hennessy is so named because I won her at a silent auction run by Jill Hennessy's (she used to be on the early days of "Law and Order")twin, Jacqueline and I was a bit star-struck. I'll post a picture (of the cow) sometime soon.

    I commend you for playing to the enjoyment of seniors - I'm sure they really appreciate your music and your charm.

    Didn't the Rolling Stones record, "Little Red Rooster"?


  2. The Rolling Stones might have-- I'm not familiar with their version. The song was written & originally recorded by the great Howling Wolf. The Stones did cover some of his songs for sure.

    Yes, Buffy is a bit like a highland "coo"-- there was a farm that raised highland cattle not far from where I grew up in Vermont.

  3. Oh, yeah. I used to have Little Red Rooster on vinyl. I would like to link the YouTube video here, but I can't figure out how - so, here's where to go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iiFnleuNULQ

    And more Sojourner Truth? Lovely. Thank you.

  4. Interesting video; fwiw, the song wasn't originally written in the "first person"-- Howling Wolf sings "I've got a little red rooster, he's too lazy to crow today," etc.

  5. I'm sure the seniors loved your music, even though they might have been a rowdy crowd!

  6. kudos to you!! wonderful gift you are bringing to these folks....am sure you made their week with your tunes....

  7. You're too kind, John. I'm sorry I missed your set, and the pork and rice lunch. Dang.

  8. Hi Willow & Kimy & Jacqueline!

    Willow: Yes, they are a rowdy lot, but they do enjoy the music. Eberle & I & a local piano player named Bill Shore played at the Council Senior Ctr monthly for 3-4 years & we got pretty used to playing as a backdrop to lunch conversation.

    Kimy: Thanks-- it's one thing I can do, & it makes my week, too.

    Jacqueline: Not too kind, just the facts. I don't know that you missed too much as far as the pork & rice goes to be honest-- I always try to eat before these Senior Center gigs....

  9. I would love to have been there! I bet they are a tough crowd, too.

  10. Hi Jen:

    It's just a whole different midset than playing for folks in a bar or club, but tho they have their own way of showing it (or sometimes not showing it) the seniors really do appreciate the music & that makes it great once you get used to the different setting.


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