Friday, December 5, 2008

More Music Blogs!

A little bit of blogging news for you folks out in Robert Frost’s Banjo land—two music blogs that have come to my attention recently. The first is the Oddstrument blog, where you can check out the coconut/carrot slide trumpet, read a fascinating post about the glass armonica (with the promising title, Banned musical instrument “causes insanity”)—with video, if you dare, or read (& hear) about the amazing sea organs found in Croatia, Blackpool in the U.K., & good old San Francisco, hard beside the Golden Gate. This is fascinating reading in the Bart Hopkin spirit, so lots of thanks to good Bay Area pal (& very wonderful lap steel guitarist) Scott Houston for letting us know about this.

The second new blog—& this really is brand new, as it just started up this week is Banjoquest, a project of crack clawhammer player Mary Z Cox (you can learn more about Ms Cox at her website, here, or at her more music biz oriented blog, A Secret Life of Banjo, here. Banjoquest will be presenting videos Ms Cox has collected over time of banjo players at festivals & jam sessions. If the first two are any indication, there’s going to be some really interesting stuff posted here, not just for banjo aficionados, but for all sorts of old-time music fans, & really for anyone who enjoys videos showing real musicians playing. Plus the second video features my current unrequited musical instrument crush, the cello banjo (well, that & a Beltona resonator guitar, but don’t want to come across as too footloose & fancy-free).

I really appreciate Ms Cox letting us know about her new blog project; quite flattering to lil’ ole Robert Frost’s Banjo….

Anyhoo, I’ve subscribed to both of these blogs, & am looking forward to upcoming posts; I’ve also added both to the Robert Frost’s Banjo Blogroll.

Pic of Eberle with trumpet kazoo by Dani Leone

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