Saturday, December 6, 2008

Another Musical Questions Update!

Great news for you “Musical Questions” fans—I’ll be posting the fourth installment in the series tomorrow, & this is one you really shouldn’t miss (of course you shouldn’t miss any of them….)—tomorrow’s Musical Answerer will be Dani Leone, Sister Exister herself, ex of Ed’s Redeeming Qualities (Flying Fish Records), The Buckets (Slow River Records), Lipsey Mountain Spring Band, The Spurs of the Moment, & currently being herself, namely Sister Exister, steel pan poetess, AKA L.E. Leone, fiction writer. Come to think of it, Dani sat in with our own Alice in Wonder Band for a song or two during a few shows—something very few musicians can claim to have done....

I’ve given Dani’s answers the once over, & I can tell you they’re funny, unique & thoughtful, as I expected. So please check out tomorrow’s post featuring the musical musings of Dani Leone, our favorite steel pan player & very good pal.

As far as the pic goes: you actually can see Dani's eye in the lower left hand corner. Otherwise, you're looking at a baritone uke, a steel drum, with various utensils for hitting same
& don't miss that gorgeous homemade one-string bass leaning on the steel pan: a water bottle & an E string & a broomstick, & one of the most fun music machines around.

If you'd like to check out Dani's music before you read her interview (or while, even) you can hear some songs on her MySpace page here.

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