Friday, November 18, 2016

Two Octets (Skidmore St)

skidmore st octet

leaves & seedkeys scatter the intersection;
restaurant’s glass door afire with begonias—

chrysanthemums droop under their purple weight;
crow settles on the streetlight above I-5—

concrete wall under heaps of white clematis;
someone wove crimson fabric through the chain link—

looking west at those indigo cirrus clouds—
in the gazing: a single paralyzed tear

◦    ◦    ◦


skidmore st octet #2

fern at the corner in imperceptible
breeze nods; on two stone steps moss glows neon though

the sun’s hidden; up the street an empty corona’s clear glass
diagonal intersects chitalpa leaves—

I-5 dissonance hums, drones, reverberates
past banks of ivy blooming November bees —

rectangular restaurant sign & parked cars:
indifferent through maple leaves’ yellow drifting

Jack Hayes
© 2016

11/1/16 & 11/2/16

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  1. Hello, John. I'm ba-a-ack. It's an odd coincidence (or perhaps the inevitable result of that last apocalyptic week) that I decided to overcome my Facebook addiction (with luck),start a new blog, and find my old friends hiding in the old blog's margins, just as you decided to retreat from Facebook and nurture your creativity here.

    Co-incidence or no, I'm glad of it, and I like these two octets. They are very evocative of place. They also remind me that I really must pull out my books about the art of poetry, as I still tend to just open my mouth and see what falls out. (speaking of evocative)


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