Tuesday, August 2, 2016

wishing tree sutra

for Barbie

somewhere between the city park’s
sycamores & the
           corner market’s brick walls a
chestnut grows festooned with frail
                                    white flowers
in April, spiked fruit come July,
            year-round manila
tags passersby tie to generous limbs you’ve
never seen being as you’re
           thousands of miles east of the moon &
these few stars in a city sky I have to
wish on—
             you in combat boots & tulle,
bleached hair streaked cerulean, black eyeliner:
another performance—
                                  this chestnut, the
trunk black, bark rugged, sculpted,
topographic—you sick with migraine &
life but sticking, sticking—abides across
changes, never identical never not—
                                                in your poem
a girl shedding teardrops & teardrops next to
a wishing tree drawn in colored
                                               pencils, &
soon enough chestnuts shall

          atavistic creatures on autumn’s
reflective wet sidewalks & sure,
                        a big moon weeps too:
we’re never here always there

Jack Hayes
© 2016


  1. ohmywow.... i'm so terribly honored you would write this for me. thank you! it's truly gorgeous and so very lovely.
    : )

  2. Wow. Refound... reread... surprised I didn't comment before.


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