Tuesday, December 4, 2012

“Insatiable Appetite”

[Be sure to read some exciting news about Barbie Angell’s  book Roasting Questions right after her poem—& stick around for a special treat at the bottom of the post!]

Insatiable Appetite

I had a misunderstanding today
with relish on the side.
I washed it down with courage
but just could not decide…

Do I eat the fat-free plate of guilt?
Or leave room for a grudge?
I guess you probably didn’t know
that irony tastes like fudge.

I’ve swallowed my pride.
I’ve eaten my words,
complete with mounds of disdain.
Did you know that love and chaos
taste pretty much the same?

And if everything’s served with common sense
it's all a little bland.
But the bitter drops of hatred
are more than I can stand.

I’d like to bake a special cake,
filled with happiness.
Serve coffee-covered kisses
with an upside-down apple wish

I’d like to buy the world a laugh
and put it in their tea.
All the magic that surrounds us
is found in you and me.

Barbie Dockstader Angell
© 2009-2012

As I indicated in the lead-in, there’s exciting news about Barbie’s book of children’s poems Roasting Questions: the pre-sales goal has been met & the book is going to press! I am so happy about this news, because I’m a big believer in Barbie & I’m a big believer in the book.
Roasting Questions is a lovely creative act from a lively & lovely imagination, & it will appeal "to kids from one to 92," just as the song goes. Speaking of which: if you have kids who like beautiful, fun drawings & delightful, funny poems, this is a great gift! Or if you or someone you know is like me & just likes children’s poetry & admires Barbie’s gift for writing (& illustrating) children's poems, then it’s also a wonderful gift. The link at the top of the right-hand sidebar will take you right to the Roasting Questions site where you can order a copy (or more!) today.

& now: a really special treat! Here’s Barbie herself:

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