Friday, December 28, 2012

“Boquet Mazurka”

Welcome once again to Banjo Friday, final edition of 2012!

Today we wrap up our series with December’s featured artist Rob MacKillop, as he performs another Frank Converse tune, this one dating from 1886 & played on a gut-strung Luke Mercier banjo.  MacKillop’s playing is always first-rate both in terms of technique & feeling, so I’d encourage you to check out more of his music—he also performs on classical guitar, lute (in its various manifestations) & ukulele. MacKillop has also authored several books of arrangements for both banjo & ukulele, & those look really interesting. Please see Rob MacKillop’s website for details on his recordings, performances & books.

Have a happy Friday, friends! Hope this lovely & playful banjo tune adds to your day.

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