Friday, November 30, 2012

“Where They Do Not Know My Name”

Hi, friends! A belated Banjo Friday post today—my time got a bit away from me, with a morning (?!?) band rehearsal. But banjo is always better late than never, like so many things.

All this month we’ve been featuring the music of Danny Barnes, & I thought it would be appropriate to end with Barnes’ cover of a more traditional tune; but then I decided it would be even better still to end the month with two Danny Barnes’ covers of the tune—one is a straight version, with just singing & banjo, while the other features his looped electronic sound.

If you’d like to find out more about Danny Barnes, please check out his full service website, or you can also read my write-up about him here. & be sure to check out his tour schedule, because Barnes is a performer you definitely do not want to miss if & when he pulls into your town. His playing is superb, as is his singing & songwriting, & his sense of orchestration using looping technology is always inventive. But perhaps most importantly, Barnes always reminds us that we “play” music—his joy in music & love for it come through with virtually every note & phrase.

We’ll be heading back into the classic banjo next month, as we feature the excellent playing of Rob MacKillop, so be sure to tune in for that—& enjoy these fine performances by Danny Barnes!

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