Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Fairy Tale?"

Once up a time,
(or so the story goes,)

in a land so far away,
(or right here for all we know,)

there was a a great occurrence,
(or a mediocre one,)

a turmoil on the moon,
(or perhaps it was the sun.)

The country was in ruins,
(or it may have been okay,)

but I’m sure it was a country,
(at least that’s what they say.)

and the hero was a girl,
(or it might have been a guy,)

and they lived happily ever after,

no wait…I know they died.

Barbie Angell
© 2012

I love the wit & humor of this poem from Barbie Angell’s book, Roasting Questions! In fact, I love the whole book, & I recommend it highly! Roasting Questions is on the verge of going to press, but just a little more money is needed to make that a reality. If you’d like to know more about my thoughts on Roasting Questions, you can read my review here; if you’d like to know more about Barbie Angell (& about the publishing process), you can read my recent interview with her or look back at the many wonderful poems & drawings she’s contributed to the blog…but wait! I have a better idea: head over to the Roasting Questions website & take a look at the book (there’s a complete “look inside” option); I know you’ll fall for this book just as I did. Pre-orders & sponsorships are still important to meet the costs of the printing, but the goal is in sight.

Thanks, friends! & thanks, Barbie Angell, for all the wit & wonder you bring to this blog & to so many people’s lives.

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