Saturday, September 15, 2012

"epithalamion with scrabble tiles"

[Please help me in welcoming a new poet in residence to Robert Frost's Banjo, Mr. A.K. Barkley, also of Portland, whose acquaintance I made recently. Mr Barkley will join with Barbie Angell, Carmen Leone, & Mairi Graham-Shaw; please stay tuned, however, for possible changes in the posting schedule]

epithalamion with scrabble tiles

a unicycle shining burnished on burnside ave
black sun, solarized photo
and this autumn the constellations should take their rest at long last
on pillows of ice

not to forget this weekend’s italian wedding soup
frothing mophead hydrangeas
which isn’t to mention the clarinets violet green cadenzas’
viz. urban sweet pea vines

a place in the southwest where they serve the best coffee
you have ringtones, facebook etc.
and here come extraterrestrial trolley bells
conjugating by rote the future imperfect

a somnambulist of course finds himself in the garden of love
secluded connubial brass floor lamp
this fantastical stamp collection in which his soul finds rest
like a friday traffic jam

and who could be rehearsing stroh violin in this midday heat
sandra, your eyeglasses’ slategray epiphanies,
memories glistening like silverware strewn across the gray willamette
like blue herons’ architectural reflections

a red deck of playing cards, a traffic light gone to seed
17 maneki-nekos beckoning
and blue bicycles canter over that very same rose garden
as seedpods whirlybird across september

A.K. Barkley
© 2012

Image links to its source: 
"...Pourvu que j'aie un pneu-vélo Continental. Garanti un an. Usines à Clichy (Seine). "If I only had a Continental bicycle tire." Advertising poster for Continental tires showing a hobo on a unicycle with his dog running beside. , ca. 1900." Wiki Commons, public domain


  1. i love it. : ) gorgeous, whimsical and so vivid. nicely done mr. barkley.

  2. Hi Barbie: Thanks so much for stopping by & commenting on A.K. Barkley's poem! : )

  3. You've got an incredible line up of resident poets here and Mr Barkley is the cream on the cake.I'd start listing the wonderful lines and phrases in a wonderful whole but it would amount to a ctrl A ctrl C ctrl V operation. Lucky Sandra to have such a commemorative comment on the beginning of her new life.

    1. Hi Sheila: So very glad that you liked Mr. Barkley's poem so much!

  4. "extraterrestrial trolley bells
    conjugating by rote the future imperfect."


    1. Thanks, Mar! Really appreciate the comment : )


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