Saturday, January 29, 2011

Photo of the Week 1/29/11

Sunrise Over Indian Mountain
Indian Valley, ID
Monday 1/24

Yes, the Photo of the Week is back
A few highlights from the upcoming week on Robert Frost's Banjo:

Sunday: A review of Peter Brooks' novel, The Alchemy of Chance, a new release from Tangerine Tree Press

Monday: Yes, he takes requests!  Tune in Monday to learn who requested what song for the Monday Morning Blues!
Thursday: A review of poet Jessica Fox-Wilson's excellent book of poems, Blameless Mouth.  You can learn more about Blameless Mouth on Ms Fox-Wilson's everything feeds process blog or on the book's dedicated Facebook page.

Friday: Eberle Umbach, this month's guest on Homegrown Radio!

Saturday: Think blues, but with a twist!


  1. Good shot. Heh, heh! It makes me yawn, rub my eyes, and head for the kitchen to make tea just looking at it.

  2. I'm so glad you did photo of the week. This one makes me feel peaceful, like everything will always be okay.

  3. Hi Roy & Caroline

    Roy: Thanks! But I gotta have a cuppa joe in the morning--tea just doesn't cut it!

    Caroline: Thanks so much--it is a serene view at that. It's taken right off our front porch. Glad you like Photo of the Week--I'll try to get back on a roll!


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