Sunday, January 2, 2011

Photo of the Week 1/2/11

Two Juncos & a Sparrow Eating Seed on our Porch
Indian Valley, Idaho
Wednesday 12/29/10

The photo was taken during the big winter storm that hit on Tuesday & lasted thru Wednesday, dropping well over a foot of snow & knocking out power for much of the two days, including 18-1/2 hours straight on Wednesday.   We couldn't get to the feeders, so Eberle strewed seed on the porch.

In other news: I'd like to acknowledge that our very own SoCal Correspondent & dear friend Audrey Bilger received a well-deserved commendation on the Ms Magazine Blog: her interview with Twitter phenom Feminist Hulk was named #2 on the list of Top 10 Ms Blog Posts for 2010—that's out of 1,000 posts that appeared on the Ms. Blog last year.  Way to go, Audrey! 


  1. Great photograph. I trust all is working well now!

  2. Hi Dave: Thanks! Yes, things are back to what passes for normal.

  3. Interesting to hear you had your power knocked out. The media here harp on about how ill prepared for snow the UK is in comparison to other countries. If it happened here it would spark off a round of media whinging!

    We were reduced to strewing seed the other week - but all the snow has melted now. I wonder if we'll get another load?

  4. What a beautiful picture! And how nice of you two to be concerned about the birds. I'm sure they appreciate it.

  5. Hi Dominic & Raquelle

    Dominic: Well, your press would have a heyday here in rural Idaho, where protracted power outages happen at least once every winter. We also have some bad outages in June, our month for electrical storms, but those do seem much less dire! Our snow is here to stay until March.

    Raquelle: Thanks! It's hard to feed the birds in the winter with the conditions here, but it's gratifying to do so.


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