Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"Video Kills The Super-8 Star"

[L.E. takes a look at home movies as they relate forward in time to love affairs. Enjoy!]

Video Kills The Super-8 Star

Close your eyes. Are your eyes still
closed? Is it me you see
on the wall or stretched
bed sheet behind
your eyelids? Super-8
black & white, right? Bouncing
too fast, so fast it hurts, like life and
sex a little sometimes, huh? A foreign film
incomprehensible, or

barely so, and carsick. That’s me,
see, cute dress and knee socks, sitting
on the horsey. That’s me, crying
laughing, running from the camera,
running toward the camera running from
the camera. That’s me, reading my
poems at fill in the name of the S.F.
coffeehouse or smoky small room in Berlin
“Focus, focus!” Fuck, do you see
how the image freezes, edges
burn? That ain’t me. That’s
what I call ducks

in the machinery, or time-lapsed
lasagne—a delicacy these video vegetarians
and their digital offspring, if you think
about it, will never enjoy. The

taste, a searing memory, you

over-underestimate me, shrink
and utter

L.E. Leone
© 2010


  1. Quack!! Wow, I like this one!

  2. Hi Willow: Glad you like it! Thanks.

  3. Crunch, utter and quack, all in the same sentence? Very cool.

    Hey speaking of crunch, utter and quack, old Jack is definitely the king of road travel. Oh yeah.

    But you did a bang up job of it yourself, dear. You did!

  4. Hi Reya: I think Dani has me beat on the travel front this year, tho not on the road trip front--so far! Isn't that a wonderful poem?


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