Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"Dating Poems" (installment #1)

[L.E. Leone's most recent poetic foray is a sequence called Dating Poems; we'll be posting them two at a time over the next few weeks. Enjoy!]


Thank you for the reading
glasses. That was one of the
most thoughtful, least romantic
gestures ever made by any man
to me.

I liked your hat, but prefer
my words blurry,


Sorry I didn’t invite you
in. I know
you wanted it, but
would have died
of boredom. One-sided
conversation is not a
turn-on, tropical
fish and auto-
cross: not
my favorite topics.

Our third date, like the
second, will be our last,
but thank you, Charlie,
for the rose, the hamburger,
and all that time
to chew.

L.E. Leone
© 2010


  1. Yep... some dates are like that. Poor Charlie.

  2. Oh I like these! I'm particularly struck by the line "and all that time to chew".

  3. These are wonderful. The little comic, discordant moments.

    I love the name of your blog, by the way.

  4. Hi Lizzy, Raquelle & Nana Jo

    Lizzy: Yes, it's true!

    Raquelle: That's a good line, I agree. Glad you liked these!

    Nana Jo: L.E.'s poetry is all about "comic, discordant moments"--very well put. Thanks! My wife actually came up with the blog name!

  5. Looking at the twisty quirky side of life, and laughing.
    What a perfect example of the dissatisfaction that lead me to go back and marry my best friend!

  6. Hi Dianne: Good point! Glad you enjoyed these.

  7. Heh, all that time to chew. Love it.

  8. Hi Kat & Willow

    Kat: An excellent suggestion!

    Willow: That seems to be the hit line for sure! Glad you liked it.

  9. The date with Charlie reminds me of a first (and only) date a friend had: He took her out to dinner and when the check arrived, casually whipped out a 2-for-1 coupon. Talk about knowing how to impress a girl!

  10. I am very near sighted and my glasses need to be updated, but you made me think. I bet that I see the world as a great Impressionist artist. I maybe have the best of the world. Enjoy your writings.

  11. Hi all you commentators. Thank you very much for your comments. I wish I were writing love poems! Although by definition date poems tend to be short and silly, like dates ... it's not all fun and games going out and getting them. So your encouragement and giggles are much appreciated.

    Diane, you're lucky. I already tried all my single friends, but they won't have me.

    Kat, what do you want to talk about?

    John, what a fun way to publish poems!

  12. PS oh, and I'm also writing restaurant reviews about bad dates, in case you can't get enough ...


  13. Absolutely charming - really. And your pic playing gee-tar and singing looks very professional, like you've been on stage and feel comfy there.

  14. Hi LD, LE & Cathy

    LD: Glad you enjoyed LE's work!

    LE: Yes, it's fun! Glad you're enjoying them.

    Cathy: I'll thank you on LE's behalf for the poems, & thank you myself about the music. Yes, I have done a fair amount of performing & am comfy on stage--actually more comfortable playing live than for any recording device!


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