Monday, October 12, 2009

Autumn Comes To The Ranchette

I headed off into the pasture for a constitutional yesterday afternoon: the air was cool, with a fresh breeze, but the sun was shining brightly. Weenie the cat accompanied me for a good part of the walk, but of course at a certain point other things interested her more, which is only reasonable. I also took the camera along, & thought you folks might enjoy a look at where we live as autumn comes upon us.

Dust bath or walk? Hmmmm….

The draw in autumn color

An abandoned bird’s nest

Looking back toward the house

Penelope llama checking me out; the upper pasture

Mo alpaca with nighbor’s laundry

Snow on Council Mountain (looking north)

Weenie, stalking thru the sagebrush

The view toward Indian Valley, looking southeast (with llama)

The pond

Llama & alpaca, having followed me down from the upper pasture, graze by the stile


  1. wow John ! You live in a Beautiful Part Of The World! Have A Great Day.I,ve been AWOL so I will scroll down & Catch-Up on your blog.

  2. Hi Tony: That it is! You have a great day too, & hope you enjoy other posts you may read!

  3. Thank you for a peek at autumn in your neck o' the woods...truly magical :)

    peace - rene

  4. Oh, John! What beautiful country! I feel refreshed just from your pictorial walk. I do love the out of doors, and these photos helped me feel that autumn walk. Thanks.

  5. I love your ranchette. Mo the alpaca's love affair with Margaret Dumont seems to be over. Ships that pass in the night, I guess.

  6. Hi Karen & Jacqueline

    Karen: Thanks--glad you enjoyed it!

    Jacqueline: That Mo is a heartbreaker!


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