Sunday, February 22, 2009

Dad’s Photos #4

For Sunday: several more scans from my father’s photo album. Today’s pictures all date from 1938 during the summer he lived & worked in Bourne, MA (he was a cook at ther Bourne Howard Johnson’s. In fact, my father stayed loyal to the Howard Johnson’s franchise for years: as far back as I can remember, our family car trips invariably included a stop at the orange roof—for instance, whenever we drove down to Boston, we always ate at the Fitchburg, MA Howard Johnson’s.

In case you’ve missed previous installments of photos from my father’s photo album, you can find links to them on the side frame. The lead-off pic this time around was captioned, “Me, I’m a bust”—in fact, my father was quite athletic & was an excellent skater both on roller skates & ice skates.

Hope you enjoy—his cap
tions, as usual, are in italics:

Bourne Stand at Night

Main Dining Room

A Ride on the Cape Cod Canal

The School at Bourne

The Bourne Bridge

Onset Beach - not bad


  1. Love these pictures. Photography is amazing the way it can help us travel backwards in time.

    Beautiful! Thank you.

  2. ditto to reya's remarks....i love time travel through photography....well all travel through photography....well all travel.....

  3. Hi Kimy:

    Thanks-- the 1930s have become an exotic land now I think. My father would be flabbergasted (in a good way) to know people from various parts of the country (& other countries too) are able to see his photos.

  4. The photo of the school is especially wonderful.

    On your recommendation, I picked up Son House's Delta Blues and Spirituals. Great call -- T. and I are both enjoying it immensely.

  5. Thanks K:

    & glad you & T like that Son House recording; he was a truly remarkable musician.

  6. Delightful pix, John! Thanks for letting us peek at your album.

  7. Thanks Willow-- so glad you enjoyed them!

  8. Hello! I came to you via. Great blog.Regards

  9. Thanks Tony. So glad you stopped by & were inspired to follow-- much appreciated; am looking forward to reading your blogs. & thanks to Oladapo for his plug over at Occupied Territory Funk.

  10. It's interesting that he took the time to put captions on them - so many people don't bother.
    That's a giant lobster tank in the middle of the dining room, I guess?
    I like the photo of him on (off) the roller-skates. He must have been a bit of an adventurous type.


  11. Hi Kat:

    I'm really glad he captioned them, as these photos were taken long before my sister or I was born, & my father is gone now, as you know. Yes, I imagine that is a lobster tank-- & dad was a outdoorsman & sportsman for sure.

  12. I have fond childhood memories of Howard Johnson's. We used to go there for clams. I'm glad you have these photos, John. They are a treasure.

  13. Hi Sandra: Yes, fried clams in the same little cardboard holder used for hot dogs. & yes, I do cherish these photos.

  14. Old family photographs are such a treasure. Thanks for sharing your Father's photos and captions. Sadly, most of the old family photos from my family are being hoarded by those who keep them in a box and don't even enjoy them. I always wonder about the person who took them, what his/her life was like at the time and what they might have been thinking when they took the photo.

  15. Hi dragonfly dreamer:

    Glad you like these; it means a lot to me that my dad's photos get such a positive response; he would have been amazed I think. & I agree with you that these old photos should be looked at & thought about just in the ways you said. Thanks!


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