Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Reading Poetry #1.1

Here's a bit of an update on Monday's "Reading Poetry #1" post; I was gratified that Bill Knott, whose poem "Goodbye" was included & investigated in that post, checked in among the commentors. I've long been a fan of Mr Knott's work— I believe I was first introduced to his poetry back in the mid 80s by old poebiz pal Jonah Winter. I'd encourage folks to look at Mr Knott's blog here. You will notice the blog has a singular title: Bill Knott the World's Worst Living Poet™, & in the interest of full disclosure, I suppose I should say that you will find few readers who are blasé about his work: it evokes strong responses in all directions. I like it a lot; some others do also; some others don't, & even really don't. I can't guarantee you'll like it, but I'd encourage you to give his poems the old college try, as 'twere.

I was also interested to learn that there's a link on Knott's blog to Lulu.com where his books can be downloaded as free pdfs. They also can be purchased as perfect-bound paperbacks for much less than the average "slim volume of verse."

Speaking just for myself, I'll be checking Knott's blog regularly, & I anticipate some downloading on this here computer this afternoon. I'm also forthwith add
Bill Knott the World's Worst Living Poet™ to the PoeBiz section of the Blog Roll.

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