Thursday, November 6, 2008

Open Up Your Golden Gate…..

Yeah, I’m off to California tomorrow morning to visit Dani Leone & some other good Bay Area pals—given my sleep patterns, quite probably in the wee hours, & with Harmony guitar & Beltona uke in hand (so to speak). I’m looking forward to a road trip (the weather report for the Sierras is hopeful, at least for the outbound excursion), to great food, & some fun music, as well as just catching up with wonderful folks & with that beautiful region. But don’t despair: there will be daily posts nonetheless, tho I doubt there’ll be any actual posting from California (I’ll certainly write about it once I’m back). I’m once again relying on Blogger’s scheduling feature. Some items to look forward to over the next several days: the joys of wood heat; the weekly poem; Musical Questions with Dale Fisk; an appreciation of a Ginger Rogers-Jimmy Stewart film; & the final installment of the Train Songs series.

I should have at least some email access a good share of the time, & so should be able to moderate comments maybe once or twice a day if any of y’all feel inspired to post same.

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