Saturday, November 22, 2008

Buck in Parking Lot

Thought I’d share this wonderful pic taken by Sister Mary Beverly of Marymount Hermitage. The buck is one of a herd (about 14) of mule deer that lives up on Mesa Hill & graze on the Hermitage property. Tho the Sisters make no attempts to tame the herd, these deer are the least skittish I’ve every seen—maybe something about that extremely peaceful & isolated corner of the world. I love the elements in Sister Beverly’s photo: the sign, the bitterbrush in the foreground, the deer’s unconcerned expression, the misty & snowy bulk of Council Mountain in the background….

This also gives me a chance to remind folks: tomorrow’s Musical Questions post will feature Marymount’s own musician/composer Sister Rebecca Mary. That post should be up first thing tomorrow morning. Be sure to check it out!

Thanks for permission to post the pic, Sister Beverly!

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