Monday, September 15, 2008

Start Spreading the News…

Just a quick note of thanks to the loyal Robert Frost’s Banjo readers—I know you’re out there because some of you have given me really positive & sweet feedback about the blog. Want y’all to know I most definitely appreciate it, & that it’s gratifying. I’ve always written first & foremost for friends—& despite the sometimes whacky rhetoric in my poetry, I’ve fostered a sort of 17th century ideal about writing primarily for a small & well-defined audience of loved ones & friends & acquaintances—no doubt one of the many reasons my poetic career has been extremely obscure. Old poebiz & Baghdad by the Bay pal Pete Simonelli (of the Mission baseball team, Chump magazine, Shotwell, & now The Enablers) once very generously called me “the best poet no one has ever heard of.” Don’t know about the first part of that sentence, but the second part is close to right on.

With the blog, as with poetry, I write with friends & loved ones in mind—but I’d be happy if the blog reached a wider audience, too—unlike some blogs, this isn’t “by invitation only,” or designed to be exclusive in any way. So here’s a bit of a pitch—if you like the blog, please tell your friends you think might also enjoy reading it. If you’re a tad forgetful, like me (being an AARP poet), you can use the “envelope” icon below any post to email that post to a friend.

I’ve also fixed the set-up so now you don’t need to have a Google account in order to comment. That was just a rookie oversight—sorry! So please comment if you’d like, but don’t feel obliged.

Primarily, though, thanks for being interested, & for letting me know about your interest!

Re: the pic above—yours truly in an Oakland cubicle in the mid 90's
mostly clean shaven too.

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