Tuesday, February 5, 2013




Most of what you need to know about people
you can learn in a waiting room,
if you’re not in too much pain to pay attention.
And if you want to measure the doctor s compassion,
check the magazine selection.


I try to think of his redeeming qualities.
My mind goes blank.
But I’m sure the good Lord will come up with a few.


We watched the images of the storm on TV
and never once thought to look out the window.


Every time I try to think
of something new to say
my mind goes back to something old.
The past gets in the way.


How can one, during naps
under a warm, soft  blanket
on one’s favorite couch,
dream of tsunamis and hurricanes and such?

Carmen Leone
© 2012-the present

Image of a January 1961 Nor'easter is from Wiki Commons - public domain (as a NOAA publication)


  1. There is almost a classical feel to these lines, as if they had been etched in stone in Latin and found behind some Mediterranean temple.

    1. So glad you enjoyed Carmen's poem, Alan! Thanks so much for stopping by & commenting.


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