Tuesday, January 1, 2013

“Making Wishes”

Making Wishes

I’m weaving a wish
out of peace and a prayer,
and a warm summer sky,
and a day at the fair.

I’m weaving a wish
from threads of the truth,
a beautiful smile,
and an hour of youth.

I’m weaving a wish
to use as you please,
with the strength and the power
of a really good sneeze.

And I’ll send it to you.
It’s for you to keep.
Put it under your pillow
when you’re going to sleep.

There’s more where that came from,
I’ll be mailing them soon.
I’m just weaving up wishes
and they’re woven for you.

Barbie Angell
© 2012

Barbie Angell tells me that she used to subtitle this piece “the ultimate happy poem,” so  what better way for all of us at Robert Frost’s Banjo to wish you & yours a happy 2013!

The poem & artwork are from Barbie Angell’s book of children’s poetry, Roasting Questions, which you can learn about (& purchase!) at this link. If you are one of the lovely folks who pre-ordered Roasting Questions, Barbie reports that the printing run has been completed, & orders will be filled very soon.

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