Tuesday, October 23, 2012

"interior exterior sonnet"

interior exterior sonnet

a sink of dishes stained yellow with turmeric
conches and scallops stashed in a shoebox
all white and brown, this box of 64 crayons
lurks in shadow past the desk lamp’s

green shade—enjambments are all in your head

that wall heater’s hush-hush heat humming almost F-sharp
a bottle of fish oil capsules with its blue cap
raindrops patterned on window glass through the

blinds: where it’s lonesome as a water tower
as a train station’s yellow mosaics & rhythmic tin roof
as a laundromat beside a Thai restaurant—lonesome as

this bus stop under a dormant cherry where these similes
fly up into mossy branches much like those scrub jays
and you are shuffling a full bag of laundry home

A.K. Barkley
© 2012

Image links to its source
Early ad for Lux Laundry Soap - Wiki Commons - Public Domain

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