Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Hesitation Blues"

Happy Thursday, friends!  I’m back with a bit of an update on how things are going in my world—hope things are swell in yours!

This post is a bit of a throwback, because as you may notice, there’s an mp3 of yours truly performing at the end—haven’t done that in quite awhile.  The sound quality on this one is a bit lo-fi, as it was recorded on a handheld Olympus voice recorder, just using the device’s built-in mic.  No distortion or other overt audio badness, just not as clear as with a good microphone set up.  I did record it using my Harmony archtop guitar (see pic) rather than the Regal resonator I usually play it on, simply because the resonator guitar tends to distort unless you’re using a better microphone.

The song fits my “bio” post for the week for two reasons.  First, on the minus side, I’ve reached the point in my new surroundings where there’s a lot of waiting.  I’ve done the footwork & gotten applications in to a number of subsidized housing complexes, & even looked into room situations.  I’ve also made some first steps toward setting up a guitar teaching practice, & while there’s a few more practical things to do along that line, there’s a good bit of “waiting” for me right now.  Fortunately, I have a wise counselor & good friends who remind me to focus on the positive steps I’ve taken rather than the things that haven’t yet fallen into place.  Patience—not an easy state of mind to attain!

On the plus side: I’ll be performing this song & a number of others during a three hour gig Friday night at the Bare Bones Café right her in Portland, OR on SE Belmont & 29th (locals: I’m at the Bare Bones Café, not the Bare Bones Bar, which is right next door.)  I’m really excited about this, since it’s my first gig as a resident of Portland (I’ve actually played in Portland in the past when I was living in Idaho), & for that matter, also my first completely solo gig of the year—a bit odd after being mostly solo during 09 & 10.  I’m hoping it leads to more—& I’m not too proud to do open mics either, if it comes to that to continue to get exposure.  Also, being able to perform is never a bad thing when you’re trying to drum up students!

Hope you enjoy the song & enjoy the rest of your Thursday!


  1. Good job on one of my favorite tunes, John! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for your housing and employment cliff-hangers.

  2. Hi John, I enjoyed this performance of "Hesitation Blues". You're sounding a bit like Lloyd Cole and the Commotions now.
    Obviously, this is a good theme song for you at the moment, but pretty soon, I'm sure you'll be able to post a new number. How about this one by Talking Heads?

    Keep your chin up!


  3. Cracking song, John. Sounded good this end.

  4. Hi Roy, Kat & Martin

    Roy: Thanks! I'll take all the finger crossings I can get!

    Kat: Great song choice! I'm a Talking Heads fan from way back. Thanks for the good wishes. Now I'll have to look up Lloyd Cole & the Commotions!

    Martin: Thanks! So glad you liked it.

  5. Patience—not an easy state of mind to attain!

    Story of my life :)

    I enjoyed your recording. And I like the title of the piece: Hesitation Blues. I'm not sure why, but it just strikes me as a funny name.

  6. Hi HKatz: Story of many folks' lives, mine included :)

    Yes, it is a funny song title--there are scores of verses one can sing, but I try not to get too carried away--glad you liked it!


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