Tuesday, September 27, 2011

“Wanting Nothing”

[I have to say it: this is one of my favorite Barbie Angell poems!  She had me at “unobtanium.”  & then there's another of  Barbie's cool drawings, which she tells me is titled "Paradox." I know you'll enjoy this too!]

Wanting Nothing

I’m getting used to wanting nothing
And it’s harder than I thought.
It’s made from unobtanium
And nothing can’t be bought.

I have nothing when I wake up.
I have nothing when I sleep.
So I figured that I’d give up
On the somethings I don’t need.

And nothing can be small.
It won’t take up any space.
And if I ever lose it,
It’s quite easy to replace.

I have some nothing no one gave me,
And I keep it in my mind.
There’s lots of extra room there,
So it’s easier to find.

And I’d like to give you something,
But I like you more than that.
‘Cause everyone gives something
when they don’t know where nothing’s at.

So here’s a piece of nothing,
Please keep it close to you.
If you find you’re out of something,
It’s nothing you can use.

Barbie Dockstader Angell
© 2009-present


  1. thank you martin. :) i don't know you, but i bet you're pretty excellent too. you certainly have good taste in websites. john always has something cool & interesting happening on the "banjo" :)

  2. love this.. and the painting as well. i love your art, what comes from inside you. :)

  3. Hi Martin, Barbie & Jenna

    Martin: Agreed!

    Barbie: Why thank you! & thanks for all the excellence you bring to Robert Frost's Banjo :)

    Jenna: Yes, I agree, Barbie's art & poetry are both cool!

  4. I like this. What is it that Thoreau said, that a man is rich not according to what he has, but by all the things he can do without? Something like that.

  5. Hi Jacqueline: So glad you liked the poem! I don't have my Thoreau on hand, but I believe he did say something like that. Thanks for stopping by & commenting on Barbie's poem!

  6. jenna, thank you. :) i call it refrigerator art since it's the type of thing a mom would hang on her fridge....i'm flattered that you like it.

    jacqueline, that's it exactly. thank you, i'm happy it made sense to you. :)

    john, aw shucks....we could go on thanking each other all day. :)

  7. Hi Barbie: OK, no thanking contests :)

  8. There's a happy sprite-li-ness to Barbie's poetry that i admire - an ability to capture the ways i felt when i used to laugh to the world when no one was around to hear (wait! i still do that). And i got a nice little smile i got from all the nothing in this poem!

  9. Hi Zen: Thanks for stopping by! I like your description of Barbie's poetry--& I think her poetry is very special indeed. Thanks again!

  10. It's interesting how most folk assume that a simple doodle or rhyme is easy to execute when, in fact, it's like comedy versus drama - harder than it looks. You are expert at both.

    Your work comes from a deeper place than it appears, but anyone with discernment can unveil the difference.


  11. Hi Kat: First, thanks for "answering the call!" Yes, I agree with you--I think Barbie's work comes from a deep place indeed. She also has a good facility with rhyme & meter--she's got talent, does the Rockstar-Poet-in-Residence.

  12. zen, thank you. :) i love your description of my work. it's incredibly flattering, but knowing you, it's also tremendously honest. thanks again.

    kat, that is very true. a great many academic poets consider my work to be "the easy way out" when in fact is is terribly difficult. there are many pieces still unfinished because they do not capture that balance. i'm so glad you enjoyed them. thank you. :)

    john, as always my appreciation for your kindness is immense. :)


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