Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"My Journey"

[Existential questions in rhyme & meter by rockstar poet in residence Barbie Dockstader Angell—illustrated with one of her marvelous drawings!]

My Journey

Deceit had pushed me to the edge

and daring me to fall,
He shook my spirit,
destroyed my Faith,
then shoved me off the wall.

Confidence came and picked me up
and gave me all his Will,
the building blocks
for Self-esteem
to help me up the hill.

But Innocence had lost his way
and Trust destroyed by Time,
so without a gaze
to Happier Days,
I gathered up Courage and climbed.

I passed Frustration on the way.
I bumped into Doubt and Despair,
but I had Endurance
to help me along,
though God only knows to where.

Barbie Dockstader Angell
© 2009-present


  1. so without a gaze
    to Happier Days,
    I gathered up Courage and climbed.

    These lines struck me most; it's also one of the best kinds of courage someone can have, to keep going like that.

    I also like how the last line doesn't give you any sort of clear destination. We can't see into the future; we can only change how we're able to handle the uncertainty.

    Thanks for sharing this poem.

  2. Hi HKatz: So glad you liked Barbie's poem! I like this one well myself--good use of personification, which is one of Barbie's strong suits. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. thank you both for the lovely words. :) i like to think i'm still able to gather up my courage and climb, unfortunately my direction is still rather unclear. i loved your take on my poem HKatz, i'm glad you enjoyed it.

    and aw shucks, john....i'm flattered you think i do so well at personification. :) thank you.


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